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When you buy an AMI PV Home Energiser kit for your home or business it will be installed by our professionally qualified engineers certified under the Microgeneratiion Certification Scheme. We will register your system with the Energy Saving trust for eligibility to receive FIT's. A clear wiring scheme will be attached to the system for future reference.

Roof mounted solar panel have no moving parts and problems rarely arise but your warranty gives informations about what to do in any event. The Grid Connect Inverter should be inspected annually and isolators are provided to enable the system to be safely shutdown. Our engineers will be able to deal with any system issues should they arise but don't forget that the AMI PV Systems comprise of some of the best materials available in the market place, e.g. BP Solar have sold many hundreds of thousands of solar panels worldwide.


Our PV Home Energiser system components have a warranty for a full 5 year period from the installation date when fitted by one of our engineers. The manufacturers terms and conditions apply.

BP Solar panels carry an industrial leading manufacturer's guarantee of solar cell performance of 93% of rated power after 12 years and 85% after 25 years backed up by a 5 year product warranty. They have expected life of around 30 years. Inverters Carry a 5 year warranty.

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