Why PV Solar?

Why a rooftop PV solar system is good choice of renewable energy at your home or business…

  • You will receive Feed In Tariff income for the energy that you generate, whether you use the power or export it.
  • The electricity generated is automatically used to power your appliance around the home thus avoiding the cost of purchasing from your supplier and any surplus is exported to the grid so a PV system benefits you all year round. Overall in the UK, up to 850 kilo Watt hours (kWh) of power can be generated annually from every kW of PV panels installed.
  • Not only will you experience and a reduction your electricity bills but PV will also minimize the impact of rising energy costs over the coming years.
  • Solar systems have no moving parts, are noiseless and required very minimal maintenance.
  • Our PV Home energiser Kits comprise of established branded components with a proven track record so you can be confident in the longevity of our systems, e.g. BP Solar’s unrivalled 25 year performance warranty.
  • You are investing in a highly reliable system, which has typical lifetime of 25-30 years.
  • An energy saving solar installation adds value to your property and makes it more energy efficient.
  • The PV Home Energiser connects seamlessly into your existing grid connection.
  • By generating your own solar energy you will reduce your dependence on the commercial electricity providers.
  • A reduction of your carbon footprint on the planet by up to 482kg per year for every kiloWatt of PV installed.
  • Other benefits for businesses can be found at www.carbontrust.org.uk

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